Ø沖洗式技術 :








沖洗式面膜-Rinse mask

  • It has a comprehensive control of pigmentation. Improve transparency and reduce the range of dark spots. Achieve even skin tone. Used in cosmetic formulation can provides translucent brilliance. By reducing dark spots to achieve an even skin tone effect in anti-aging products.

    Regulates excessive secretion of raisins and improves oily skin. Activate hair follicles and shrink pores. 

    Flushing technology:

    The base is the ideal customization and new skin care development projects. These formulas have been designed with a qualitative ingredient list. At the same time provide a variety of interesting textures.

    This powder must be mixed with water before it is applied to the skin. The powder will become translucent jelly. It provides smoothness and freshness. This mask must be washed when the modeling time has expired.

    The base of the rinse-off mask contains the following ingredients.

    Glucos is a good skin moisturizer. Moisturizers are materials that can attract and bind moisture. This characteristic is called hygroscopicity. Glucose can increase the moisture content of the skin surface by absorbing moisture in the air.